Chartered Accountancy

Chartered Accountancy (CA) is one of the highly professional courses in the age of globalization. The course is designed to provide in depth knowledge in Accountancy, Finance, Taxation, Audit, Public Relations and other business related aspects. Along with rigorous theoretical expertise, the course also includes sufficient practical exposure in various specialized national and international organizations. The course content is set to make CAs capable of handling cases under high pressure with utmost proficiency, which is a key to successful business operation. Qualified CAs, hence, are the ideal leaders of any type of financial institution, business centers, corporate houses, public or private sectors and national to international organizational units.

CA course is not taught under any university; every country has its autonomous body established as per the act of the parliament to monitor the overall aspects of accounting profession including Chartered Accountancy. Institute of Chartered Accountancy of Nepal (ICAN) is the central authority in Nepal to handle CA education, much like ICAI in India. Such national autonomous bodies, in turn, are affiliated to the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) which sets the parameters and regulates the Standards of CA education. Therefore, the CA education offered by all the authorized academies in (Nepal or Abroad) has equal credit and international recognition. We have been the first institute to provide Chartered Accountancy course under Nepal Board (ICAN) and under Indian Board (ICAI) in Pokhara with the achievement of 100% passout and All Nepal Merit Holder.