EIA Overview

EIA (Enlightened International Academy) was established in 2008 to provide standard CA classes under ICAN & ICAI. Since ICAN & ICAI are the a members of International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), the Nepalese Chartered Accountants’ recognition has become international. Because of the ever-increasing demand of CA manpower in national and international levels, attraction of students towards this field has been steadily rising. But only a few academies are running CA courses in Nepal. Among these few academies only the selected ones are accredited from ICAN. EIA is one of such accredited academies among the few.

The first authorized center in Pokhara, EIA offers standard CA classes. It has its own unique strategy to satisfy the parents and students by providing quality education to open up the novel and glorious avenues of success. EIA enrolls a limited number of students every session based on thorough evaluation of the students’ past academic achievements along with their level of performance in the entrance test/interview conducted by the Academy. Since its establishment we have been providing CA Classes under Nepal -ICAN and India - ICAI to hundreds of students. Some of them are now working in reputed audit firms and other business organizations.

Chairman's Voice

No one can deny the supreme importance of education in human life. The prime need of today is to solve every problem through academic expertise. Nepal is in the verge of the end of the old era and at the eve of the new. The time is of course, challenging in the context of global economic crisis when our nation is just a toddler in the economic race. No nation can be economically prosperous unless it assimilates itself in the mainstream of development. With an unparallel development in the field of information and communication; the geographical distance among countries is almost non-existent. We are, in fact, living in a global village. Hence, the reality that Nepalese manpower should meet the international standard to sustain in the international market is as clear as the midday sun to us.

Different policies on economic transparency and financial discipline have been implemented in Nepal. People are being more interested towards the various economic policies that the government has introduced. Economic honesty should be the focal point for any nation striving to competitive prosperity. In such a context, Chartered Accountants (CAs) have a very crucial role to play. Likewise, the production of qualified CAs is much needed and inevitable issue.

Established with the mission of contributing to the overall development of the country, Enlightened International Academy particularly runs diverse academic activities to produce highly efficient CAs in Pokhara. EIA offers internationally recognized course of CA under ICAN as authorized by the government of Nepal. Lastly, I would like to express my cordial gratitude to all our teachers, students, guardians and well-wishers for their invaluable suggestion, goodwill and diligence. We can’t imagine to have come to this stage without your precious support and cooperation along with your continuous care and concern, We shall forever dedicate our best to cater to your needs and satisfaction in the days to come